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"Who Else Wants Full Access To More Than Half A Dozen Powerful Tools That Are Proven To Increase Sales And Sign-Ups?"

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By Jay Jennings
Wasilla, Alaska


Dear Online Marketer -

It's time once again for a relatively short sales letter -- it's an unfortunate fact that "hyped up" copy converts better, but fortunately I just don't have time for that today. =;)

So I'm going to tell you what I have to offer, and you'll have to fill in the missing "pain if you don't buy" and the "joy you'll get from buying" parts yourself.

Don't let me down on that, okay? =;)


Increase Conversions, Drive Traffic
Make More Sales and Get More Sign-Ups...

(Or Skip All This And Do It The Hard Way)


The Tools in Sonic Toolkit

Sonic Memo Express

As much as I love Sonic Memo Pro for putting audio on web sites (because audio is PROVEN to increase sales and sign-ups), sometimes it's just a little too much work for when I just want to slap an MP3 file online.

So I created Sonic Memo Express, a trimmed down version that's web-based. I can throw an MP3 file on a web site somewhere, paste that URL into SME, and it gives me one line of code to paste into my blog, web page, etc. In fact, this audio control was put on this web page - complete including uploading - in under 60 seconds:




Sonic Flycatcher

The other already existing tool inside Sonic Toolkit is one that's now been updated and is more powerful than most people realize. Do you want to do research into a niche to find out what the target market wants? How about using the brains of your customers/traffic to automatically create content -- even an entire ebook is possible! Plus you can use the same tool for collecting testimonials, etc. That's what Sonic Flycatcher will do for you.

It's quick and easy -- set it up in about 60 seconds and the research and content just comes rolling in. I've been using SFC for a couple years and just added some capabilities that have even me almost blown away -- SFC may be the single best utility I've created.



Sonic Syndicator

Finally, the brand new utility is called Sonic Syndicator and it's a flash-based viewer that allows you to display the contents of almost any RSS feed.

I know, RSS is almost a 4-letter word -- it's something geeks and computer nerds love, but don't freak out -- it's also something that "normal" people can use.

For example, how would you like a Sonic Syndicator widget filled with 100 articles on gardening? Or pet care? Or marketing? And each article becomes available on a daily or weekly schedule -- whatever you want!

Put that article-filled widget on your web site and give people a reason to come back. Or, you can take that same idea, twist it, and you now have a technique to generate traffic to articles that contain YOUR AdSense ads. I'll give details on that inside the membership site.



Sonic Flix

There's almost nothing hotter than video right now, but putting it on your web site has been a real hassle.

No more, because Sonic Flix allows you to put a streaming FLV video on your web site or blog in just minutes.

  1. Create your own FLV file and upload it to any web site.
  2. Paste that URL into Sonic Flix and get back a line of code.
  3. Paste that ONE line into your web site or blog.

Seriously, it's that easy. Plus, with Sonic Flix you can see your stats and find out how many times your video has been served without digging through lines of log files.



Sonic Test and Track

It can get kind of annoying to always hear, "You've gotta test that!" when you ask a question, but it's true! If you want to know what will increase your sales, you need to test and track the results.

Sonic Test and Track makes it super simple to do your own A-B split testing. That's when you create two copies of your sales or sign-up page, make one change (such as a different headline on each), and send half your traffic to one page, and half to the other.

Count the number of sales or sign-ups that happened for each page, and you have the winner. You know without a shadow of a doubt which page your prospects respond to!

With Sonic Test and Track you can do A-B and A-B-C split testing as well as ad-tracking, which is vital if you're doing pay-per-click advertising -- or any advertising that's costing you money out of your pocket. With ad-tracking you'll KNOW which ads are making you the most money!



Exit Attack

What happens when a person gets ready to leave your web site?

Usually, nothing!

But with Exit Attack you can have an unblockable pop-up that will give you one more chance to make an impression on your prospect! Don't let them get away without a final word on why your product or service is right for them.

Exit Attack can be used for more than just an attention-getting device, it can also be used to fine-tune your sales process, create content using the brainpower of your visitors, and a lot more!

In fact, there's an entire brainstorm call about the power of Exit Attack that's available to you in the membership area.



Six Cool Tools To Help Your Business...

...right now. Starting today.

You can make more sales and get more people to opt-in to your list by using audio on your web site. With Sonic Memo Express it's so easy that you won't make excuses why you can't be bothered -- you'll just crank it out and reap the benefits!

The "big secret" in sales and marketing is, find out what people want -- and then sell it to them! With Sonic Flycatcher that process is so simple it's almost criminal. If you have an existing list you can find out what they want overnight -- then create that product and sell it back to them! And if you don't have a list, there are many ways to use Sonic Flycatcher to do the same market research -- at the same time that you're building a responsive and loyal list.

Getting people to return to your blog or web site, or stickiness, is one of the holy grails of traffic. Offering updated content is a proven method, but it's also really time-consuming to have to put up new pages every day. With Sonic Syndicator you can fill the tool with hundreds of items and have them show up on your schedule -- once a day, every other day, once a week, etc.

Plus, in the membership site I'll show you a way you can get other people to host Sonic Syndicator -- their site gets sticky, and YOU profit from their traffic! This will work for just about any niche, from arts and crafts, to zoom lenses.

Save time, make more sales,
build your list faster,
benefit from free traffic,
do automatic market research...
All in one place!

For anyone who's serious about building their online business, that's worth a $39.95 monthly price tag, no question. Because you can use Sonic Memo Express for your web pages, for your blog, for your podcasts, your membership sites, etc. Use Sonic Flycatcher to discover profitable new markets for you to enter, or to create free content you can use in ezines, articles, ebooks, or whatever. And use Sonic Syndicator to give your web visitors articles, audio files, PDF files, etc. Content that's updated automatically -- and that's freaking cool!

Use every tool inside Sonic Toolkit to help increase your sales and sign-ups!

But here's the kicker...

...I'm not done -- not even close. My plans are to continue adding tools to Sonic Toolkit (STK). You know I'm a madman when it comes to creating great internet marleting tools -- and they're going into STK. Join the site for what you get TODAY, but dream about what's coming up!

Here's why you don't want to wait -- when I add more tools I'm going to increase the price. But current members never pay more than when they got in -- you'll be grandfathered in! If you wait to join, you'll get more tools -- but you'll pay more, too.

In case you're wondering about a monthly service vs one-time purchase, the biggest PLUS for doing it this way is that I can enhance the tools at any time. In fact, in the last week I've added features to two of the tools -- and I have more ready to unveil. You just can't do that with a desktop-based product -- the whole "build process" and updating is too time-consuming.

Fig 1: The Main Menu of the Membership Site When There Were ONLY 4 Tools!

When you log into Sonic Toolkit you know you have your hands on the very latest version with all the best features. No more worries and hassles with updates or patches.

Join right now, today, and get the use of the current crop of tools -- and know that when new tools are added to the toolkit, you'll get them automatically -- you won't pay more.

Sonic Memo Express - streaming MP3 files easily and quickly.

Sonic Flycatcher -- automatic research and content creation.

Sonic Syndicator -- content distribution on your schedule.

Sonic Flix -- add streaming FLV video to your site or blog.

Sonic Test and Track -- split-test your pages for higher conversions!

Exit Attack -- unblockable pop-up when your visitor exits your page!

There's nothing to download, nothing to install on your computer. Sonic Toolkit is a membership site where everything's at your fingertips. You can get started immediately. And use the tools every week -- even every day -- on all of your web sites.


No Long-Term Committment

Membership in Sonic Toolkit is handled on a month at a time basis -- and you can quit whenever you like.

My plan is to keep providing so much value that staying on board is your best move, which is one reason I'm keeping the price so low -- I don't want that to be a reason for you to give up these tools.

But if you ever do want to quit, no big deal, just let me know and I'll stop billing you immediately.


Easy for Einstein, or...?

One more thing...

I'm pretty well known for creating tutorial videos that are clear and concise, and I've done that with the tools in STK. Plus, if there's something you think I glossed over, send me a message asking for better instructions and I'll do it!

You will understand how to use the tools, I guarantee!

I know you're going to love the cool tools in Sonic Toolkit -- give them a shot and you'll see how much nicer your online business can be when you don't have to worry about all the naggy little tasks you need to do. Sonic Toolkit makes short work of the boring stuff!

To your success,

Jay Jennings
Sonic Toolkit Developer

PS - Remember, after you're in the price can't go up on you -- no matter how many tools end up in the toolkit! Join now before the price increases.


Here's What To Do Right Now

Click the link below and get started with the tools in Sonic Toolkit right away. The price will never be cheaper -- and if you wait, it may be higher.

Consider the tools available to you for $39.95 per month and compare them to single tools that cost twice that -- I think you'll agree this is an offer that's too good to ignore!

Sonic Toolkit is closed to new subscribers.


(Membership in Sonic Toolkit requires that you agree to the terms of service.)


Jay Jennings
7362 W. Parks Hwy #781
Wasilla, AK 99654


Copyright 2007 by Jay Jennings. All rights reserved.